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I have a lot of mares tail in my allotment. I have just bought a house and so now I will have my own garden. I have some mature fruit bushes and herbs that I would like to transplant into my new garden but I am concerned about bringing the mares tail with me. Are there any ways around this for example soaking the roots in water to take bare root plants or taking cuttings to create new baby plants?



Others have expressed doubts but I've always cut Mare's tails quite close to the ground and drenched them in malt vinegar. It works for me, I've put markers where they were and they didn't return.
Suggest you try a a few and keep a check on them. If you try this please let me know the result.

17 Jun, 2013


Hate to say this but I agree with Snoop. Leave the bushes in the allotment and get new ones.

17 Jun, 2013


I'd never heard of anybody finally succeeding in getting rid. I would take cuttings. Worth trying the vinegar as well though - let us know if it works for you. I think I would curl up and die if drenched with malt vinegar!

17 Jun, 2013

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