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I have just taken on an allotment. It is in fairly good nick but I am told that the previous tenant had to scrap the whole crop of onions, garlic and leeks last year as they were infested with a white worm type thing. How best should i prepare the ground to try and minimise the risk of this happening again this year? Thanks in anticipation!!! Update: I've just been searching through the other questions and forums and the grub was the leek moth by the sounds of it. Would pellets of chicken manure be OK to fertilize the rest of the plot, I think I'm too late for manuring it?



Chicken manure is ok, but you are not too late to manure the soil. Manure added now would warm the soil ready for growing things.
Not sure there is anything much one can do about Leek moth before planting.
Try Allotments4All if you want really expert and detailed advice on growing veg.

31 Jan, 2010


thanks for the tips Owdboggy. Will try the allotments site too.

31 Jan, 2010

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