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By Shas

do I have a pear tree that` is doomed never to fruit I have had it for 5yrs and it has never flowered let alone bore fruit there are other trees a few doors away which fruit profusely every year



If you've the space try planting another pear but a different variety, this may cross pollinate.

18 Jun, 2013


Your pear tree may need a companion that helps to pollinate it near to. Preferably in your garden. If you know the variety, I suggest you Google 'pollinators for pears' and find a partner for your friendless pear. I grow 5 pears on limiting root stock as part of a herbaceous border. This year they are fruiting well. They vary in fruiting from year to year. Also protect from codling moth by banding in early October.

18 Jun, 2013


ERM, I'm gathering from the question that the tree doesn't flower, so pollinators nearby won't make any difference. Is the tree otherwise healthy, has it grown well, has lots of healthy foliage? When you first got it, was it a single, shortish stem, bare root, or in a pot and looking like a small tree? Where is it planted(sheltered spot, good loamy soil, out of cold winds,sunny, or the opposite of these)? Or Is it in a pot and what type of rootstock is it on, or which pear is it?

18 Jun, 2013


One of my apple trees did this for a long time. No flowers at all for several years. It was a choice of remove and replace or grow a clematis up it to keep the line of 10 dwarf trees matching in size. I wondered if the extra water and fertilisers provided might do the trick. This year it was smothered in blossom. Apples appear to be forming very well too. Something to be considered. It has worked for me and apple Charlotte.

20 Jun, 2013

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