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By Dorjac

Essex, United Kingdom Gb

Has anyone seen the lovely garden, featured on the internet Daily Mail, in an alley at Whitby. Given recent awards by the council, now told the pots are a health and safety hazard. They must get a grant for standardised 'safe pots' or remove all. It seem a few miseries have complained about access and safety. What do Goyers think?



I don't want to be sued, so in the name of heath & safety you must do this

18 Jun, 2013


True, but it doesn't stop private opinions that its just another example of things being carried to ridiculous extremes.

18 Jun, 2013


Some insurance companys haven't help with this as well

18 Jun, 2013


I read it in the paper this morning. Another example of jobsworths and so called health and safety gone mad. I don't know how people managed in years gone by.

18 Jun, 2013


Regardless of each Goyers political leanings this to me was an excellent example of the Big Society in action. Or in old terms Community Spirit.

It's a real shame that all the hard work to make something nicer for everyone is going to be wasted due to bureaucracy.

Perhaps an option would be to place a sign with a disclaimer "Beware of the plant pots".

18 Jun, 2013


Perhaps the council would prefer graffiti, litter, dog fouling and discarded TV sets as we have in a lane near us that could be a lot better kept by the council. Walk throughs like the one pictured are often messy and unkempt.

18 Jun, 2013


I think that everything that is a rick to your health & safety should be banned,

Ahh that is every thing we do, live is going to be hard


18 Jun, 2013


Why give out awards for the floral decorations in this walk through, then make the residents jump through hoops,to get money to fund new pots, decanting and replanting in the name of H&S? Are pots lined up against a wall going to jump out and trip up passers by? How many Goyers have been assaulted by a potted plant?

18 Jun, 2013


I'm always tripping over mine in the garden centre, but I've only myself to blame, and I've got no money so I can't even sue myself!

18 Jun, 2013

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