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my daphne i have had for a lot of years but last year started to die off,and is now very dead.can i plant another in same spot,.soil is on dry side can be enriched with full sun.

On plant Daphne mezereum



So long as you can be sure the daphne died for old age and not from disease then planting new one in the same spot with fresh compost shouldn't be a problem.

31 Jan, 2010


I understand that they are generally a short lived shrub

31 Jan, 2010


And if it or a new one flowers and sets berries, then sow some cleaned up kernels immediately ie fresh seed, leave to the weather and before long you will have enough D. mezureum plant to make a hedge.

31 Jan, 2010


We don't even bother doing that anymore Owdboggy, we just lift the self seeded seedlings :-)

31 Jan, 2010


the brids seem to eat the seeds off mine. I noticed a flower open on my D mezureum today :o) spring is on its way :o)))

31 Jan, 2010


'Fraid to say that the birds eat all the berries of all our Daphnes from alpina to mezureum and back. Never found a self seeded one anywhere. Now Holly.........

31 Jan, 2010


Birds don't seem to bother with ours at all...

31 Jan, 2010

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