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I have a shrub called The Bride. How do I prune it to produce the most flowers? When I bought it it had lovely flowers in the first year 3 years ago, but only had a small amount o one branch this year. It looks very healthy.



I imagine its Spiraea argutea - this one should be pruned immediately after flowering, and you can cut it back hard if you need/want to. This should encourage more flowers next year.

18 Jun, 2013


Could be exochorda macrantha 'The Bride', but the treatment's the same. Tiny flowers or ones about an inch across? If they're tiny it's spiraea, bigger, then exochorda

18 Jun, 2013


Either species blooms on wood that is one year old, so if you prune it in fall or winter, you are cutting off next year's bloom. Also check to see how much sun that it is getting.

18 Jun, 2013

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