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Escallonia problem.
Can anyone help with a description, and maybe a solution, to the problem with this escallonia? Looks a bit like black spot, with random leaves getting brown/black bits, turning yellow, then dropping off.
The plant is still growing, producing plenty of buds, and the green leaves continue to look very healthy.




Nothing wrong with the plant. Those are last year's leaves which will fall off naturally (evergreens lose their leaves as the new ones mature). Fear not, all is well

19 Jun, 2013


I agree, it is normal. think of these dropping leaves like our hair. we shed a few hairs every day, evergreens shed their old/dead leaves regularly throughout the year.

19 Jun, 2013


Thanks folks. Panic over then.
So many other spring garden problems this year that I'm getting jumpy about everything.

20 Jun, 2013

How do I say thanks?

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