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Grown a Cornflower from Seed.Fell over and got eaten so no Leaves left.Will it recover ? Put some Plant food on it Today



Hi Lambrettagirl,
Ive no idea to be honest but on monday i also put my cornflowers out in the border "i'd also grown them from seed, so i'll be interested to know if your's still flowers or not
so keep in touch and let us know what happens.

19 Jun, 2013


if there is a growth point left at the base then yes it will have another go at growing. I wont feed it until new growth is obvious as all you are doing is wasting your money. if there is no growth there is nothing to feed :o)

they are annuals and it isn't to late to scatter some more seed in the area. I do a series of sowings through the summer.

19 Jun, 2013

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