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IIdentification please. appreciated
plant 1

Plant 2

Still exploring new items in our garden

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Top one is a geranium

Next one is Spirea arguta " Bridal wreath"

19 Jun, 2013


geranium macrorrhizum for number 1.
and agree with the bridal wreath spirea.

19 Jun, 2013


G. macro. 'Ingwersen's Variety', named after Will Ingwersen, my dad's running pal in the 1920s to 1940s.

19 Jun, 2013


Thanks Worthy. Are there lots of very similar ones? Just wondering if its the name of one I have (hopeless at losing labels) Lovely to have a family connection!

19 Jun, 2013


Not many of the macrorrhizum species, although hundreds of geraniums! G. macro. 'Bevan's Variety' is the other one commonly found. Useful species for a shadier spot. Leaves are scented

20 Jun, 2013


Thank you for the replies.

Can I transplant both the bridal wreath and geranium?

The problem is we need to dig to pass new gas pipes, and am sure the workers will just remove them. So if I can transplant them in a good way, i prefer to save them.

Thank you

I am still discovering new flowers and shrubs.

26 Aug, 2013


Yes you can transplant both

With the geranium I'd give them a hard prune( down to 7.5cm) a week before moving them if possible.That will stop them losing too much water through lots of leaves before they reestablish. If you can't wait a week prune them hard and move them immediately. geraniums are tough so should easily cope. Get as much root as you can.You can do this now but leaving this for another couple of weeks would be better if you can afford to wait.

The spireas are large and if you want them to flower next year you shouldn't trim them now as they flower on the growth they've made this year but for them to survive you'll need to get a very large root ball and keep them well watered.An ideal time to move them would be after they've lost their leaves in autumn or early spring but if you can't wait that long get a big rootball and water well until winter.

If you're prepared to not have them flower next year then you could give them a hard prune now(take off most of the leaves) and that will maximise the chances of their survival( Fewer leaves = less water loss= better success when moving )

26 Aug, 2013


Thank you for your informative reply. I can wait another four weeks. Should I give them a hard prune now? I was thinking of using pots, and then plant them out in the Spring... your thoughts are appreciated :)

6 Sep, 2013


For the geranium's..... I'd prune them hard now ,wait for new leaves to appear and then repot.( New leaves will regrow in about 2-3 weeks)

The spireas should be ok with a hard prune now but i'd leave a few leaves to keep growth going whilst they're in the pot before winter

7 Sep, 2013

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