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Please help me identify this?!

It was found growing wild in Cambridge (UK) today (June 2013) and despite my best efforts to convince myself it's Giant Hogweed, deep down I know it isn't, but can't find any matches! It has sprouted very quickly, I walk this route daily and haven't really noticed it until a few weeks back.

Any help very much appreciated!

Thanks! s.

2013_1 2013_2 2013_3



my first thought was burdock. but the are the white structures flowers or unopened leaves?

hog weed is a large umbellifera and this def isn't,

19 Jun, 2013


I think it's burdock, and unopened flowers

19 Jun, 2013


Burdock certainly looks like a close candidate, those photos don't really do it justice, the largest leaves are perhaps 30cm long, and the tallest plant must be at least a metre already. I -think- the structures are unopened leaves, but can't recall exactly, I will check and update tomorrow.

EDIT: Thanks by the way! :)

19 Jun, 2013


we are very in tune today worthy1. also looked at gc very good looking place.

19 Jun, 2013


What?? Giant hogweed? Does it still exist in the UK? That's the most harmful plant in the world right?? You need to wear the "spacesuit" to pull it out from what I saw on youtube?

21 Jun, 2013


Yes giant hogweed still grows in some parts; its still quite rife in Northern Ireland! However my friends in England don't know what it is or the risks so perhaps not quite so prevalant here anymore...

21 Jun, 2013


often seen it growing on the railway embankment on the way ito hull. wonderfull plant. but sap is caustic.

21 Jun, 2013

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