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Lupins ?How long does it take lupins to establish please?


By Heidib

Mid Glamorgan, United Kingdom Gb

Lupins ?

How long does it take lupins to establish please? my dad grew some from seed for me and I planted them all out in May. some are perky and one has a flower, some have leaves that droop and most have no flowers on them... they dont look like the big strong lupins you get from the garden centre (and they aren't dwarf lupins either), just wondered if it takes a few years...? I LOVE lupins so if there is any expert advice on getting the best out of them, looking after them and growing more please let me know...



Check this link to see if you are doing anything other than what is recommended. Lupins are not usually demanding flowers and yours sound as if they could use more water.

19 Jun, 2013


if they were just from seed this year you have done well to get any flowers. the big clumps are about 3yrs old.
they need plenty of water until they are established.

20 Jun, 2013


Hi Heidib,
Ive lupins on my outside hardening off table ive sown only a few weeks ago and they're growing away and looking like baby Lupins,

As you like Lupins im sure you'll know one thing about a lot of really flowery plants is they dont last very long in flower and lupins are one of these types of plant,

if you cut the stem off after it has flowered the first time !!!
It will flower again later in the summer for a second time,
As far as seeds go, just let the second flowered stems make their own pods,
Leave the pods on the plant "they look like long pea pod's"
and these pods will grow as long as they want to grow and then start to dry, (from a green pod to a brown coloured pod)
The seeds inside are now turning from green to black,

Just remove the complete stem from the bottom and store it inside the greenhouse or shed we're it will burst open the pod by its self and the seeds are then ready for next spring sowing.

(tip hang the stem upside down in an paper bad and the seeds will fall into the bag and not all over the place.)

If you just let the pods stay on the plant it will burst open and nature will sow the seeds for you.

Ive lots of lupins in my own garden and as im writing this reply i can see them swaying about in the garden now'
all colours from yellow to white to pink etc,
they are a great plant for the bee's.

20 Jun, 2013


After the first summer is when seedlings become established and the thick roots grow and become stronger bushy plants in the second summer. I have just uploaded a pic of my second year Lupins, grown last year from seed.

20 Jun, 2013


Thanks all, thats really really helpful... got my very own first greenhouse just 1 month a go and already have tomatoes growing... I am like a little kid! my boys (13 and 6) are enjoying trying to grow things too, carrots, parsnips and onions (more questions to follow)... wish I had learnt more from my dad when i was younger, but trial and error and lots of questions and reading will get us through. I am so looking forward to growing from seed and really developing an 'established' garden....

20 Jun, 2013


They are greedy they like plenty of water. If not they will sulk.

20 Jun, 2013

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