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Who had a letter a short time ago re. an order not being delivered till next year.
After 3 emails to T&M regarding 2 of my orders, which haven't been delivered, they finally replied and said that they had sent me a letter in the post, a while back, explaining that my 2 orders will be delivered in 2014. I never received this letter.
I know what a lot of people think about this company, but talk about annoyed, Grrrr.
Anyway, who was it please, and what have they offered as compensation, as all I got was sorry and did I want to cancel.
Thanks for reading my rant.



Hi littlelegs,
Now im going to be honest and pull no punches when it comes to T&M.

I delt with this company for many years without to ma,y problems,
But two years ago o placed my annual order with them "around £150" as i did for many years and recieved nothing.
I both "e"mailed and telephoned from here "France" to say ive heard nothing or recieved nothing.
One evening at about 8pm i got an "e mail" telling me the order was sent 5 weeks ago,
Now i was'nt happy about this because in the past i recieved info from them telling me the approx date i could expect my order,
When i mentioned this fact and i'd recieved nothing from them!
I was told we'll send you a second order and if the first one appears please send it back.
Two weeks after this "e mail" i sent my own "e" mail telling them again "no order recieved again"
I was told they couldnt find my order and thats why ive not recieved one. (How could they have sent the other two orders then?)
In the end i did get my full order but not one of 12 pks of wall flower seeds germinated, these seeds we're in packets that we're in plain white paper not a word of T&M on them. "No instructions "
I again complained and told them enough was enough and after 20 odd years of dealing with them i never recieved any questions as to why i was not dealing with them again.
Here in france a lot of the ex-pats forums have gardening sections and the amount of complaints ref T&M says it all.

20 Jun, 2013


I remember it very well, just found it member is called Pdb, asked a question about begonia plugs on 9th June

They are going from bad to worse!

20 Jun, 2013


Certainly sounds like it... they used to be a reputable company to deal with too.

20 Jun, 2013


and their sister company Van meuwen that used to be excellent have been very poor this year. though I have received full refunds straight away from them. Had an interesting discussion about synonyms with them and the miss naming of plants. The customer care official didn't understand how plants are named!

20 Jun, 2013


They are call centre staff I think Seaburn, last year I thought ordering plugs from Wyevale and paying and collecting in store ( see before you pay) would work so I placed an order, I was able to choose a week, which I did for after I was back from a short break.
I got a phone call saying I was to collect them a full three weeks early, said to them sorry no can do, it was impossible to explain to the young lad that just because they wanted me to take them as they were ready early didn't mean I was ready for them!
He seemed bemused by the fact that they were too young to be 'home alone'! And promply canceled my order......
I wrote to the local garden centre manager who had no idea what was going on and was very nice, passing on the info to his bosses.

I,ve given up now with these on line bedding plants and use a local nursery......less hassle especially with our weird weather

21 Jun, 2013


Thanks all for info.

24 Jun, 2013


Sorry it was so negative but, at least, you know it isn't you!

24 Jun, 2013

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