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red cordyline died with white cottony, what should I do with soil in container, how can I disinfect or should not use again??

On plant thanks for the answer on mealybugs AND on grubs. Stepa what? I will look it up. I had a few questions stored up. Thanks.



Little blobs of sticky white "cotton" in among the new leaves, Greenthumbing? If so, probably it had mealybugs, which can live on in potting soil. I would either discard the soil, or spread it under outdoor plants that rarely suffer from mealybugs, such as roses, or most annual flowers. Also, wash the pot with soapy water--scalding hot plain water, for clay pots--before using it again.

20 Jun, 2013


I agree with the above.

20 Jun, 2013


Thanks for the comment.

I dumped the soil out on the ground for now and am washing the large pot thoroughly. My red cordyline was doing soooo well for 2 or 3 years and kind of in a corner of my front shaded area and out of the way so I did not notice until it died. I have ferns and other shade plants like coleus, cyclamen, fuchsia and impatiens there and am watching them too. Most were not real near the beautiful cordyline. I don't want to lose my fuchsia or any.

Thanks again.

21 Jun, 2013


Happy summer solstice.....from California. Long days to weed, water and enjoy. ie BLUEBERRIES: My son has blueberries in containers he planted about a year ago and I think 2 bushes are dying of blueberries blight and other blueberry disease. The leaves are mottled red and the other has dried leaves. I know they like water and it has been hot here so I am watering them while he is at work today. He moved them away from the other bushes and should he throw them out? He has about 40 different fruit trees and went gung ho when he bought his 1/2 acre a year ago and never even grew a plant before or played in the dirt much as a kid.

Now he is a gentleman farmer I guess with one peach, orange, 2 apples, 2 cherry trees, roses which were there, 9 pomegranate bushes, 9 grape bushes and kiwis, plum and apricot combo tree, and a nice large almond tree that was there already.

ie KIWIS: I hope they make it, but the kiwis are not doing well and he gave up on the avocado bush. I heard they are hard to grow and fruit...avocados? They grow in Mexico and are yummy!!

ie APRICOTS: He did have some white grubs in the soil under his apricot tree and peach tree and the earwigs ate some of his apricots. We are watching the peaches which are not quite ready yet. There are 3-varieties-in- one and some are almost ripe (if I watch the ants and earwigs and birds I guess.) He has some silver strips on the branches so that is helping with the birds and puts dry fertilizer in soil every 3 months I think. It is super work and he works full time so I try to help him when I do not work.

21 Jun, 2013


Whew! You might have been better off asking this as separate questions, Greenthumbing--just the way the site is set up. I'll help as I can, but you will draw on a larger pool of experts if you do this as another question.
Blueberries: I'm still learning about blueberries, myself, since it is only recently that there have been varieties that will bear in the desert, where I live. The first thing that I would have checked is the watering--which you did--then the fertilizing. If it truly has a fungal disease, It might well be worth trying Streptomyces lydicus, which is a beneficial fungus that eats a wide variety of disease fungi.
Apricots: White grubs can be a beneficial insect, there aren't too many of them--more than 5 to a shovel full of soil can be a problem, but few just help aerate the soil, like earthworms. Beneficial nematodes and some forms of Milky Spore disease are the best bet around edibles.

21 Jun, 2013

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