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Hi, Iv got a very large, quite wet garden & it has a lot of rushes & reeds all over it, draining etc isnt an option, so I would like any advice on a weed killer that will kill these and moss as well, without doing damage to the grass..



unless you solve the drainage then these unwanted plants will only re-establish themselves. The feed and weed range with moss killer will get rid of the moss and may get rid of the reeds. You may be able to use a daisy grubber tool to get the reeds out unless it is too big an area.

20 Jun, 2013


Plus, a weedkiller to treat lawns probably won't touch the rushes and reedy growth. In fact, it may promote it.

20 Jun, 2013


May sound pessimistic but it would probably be unlikely you could establish a good reed free lawn under those conditions. Have you tried very regular mowing on a fairly long cut? (a short cut encourages the moss and discourages anything that wants to grow tall)
It sounds ideal for a good bog garden though.

21 Jun, 2013

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