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I. Have an allotment on it there are o few comfrey plants I was once told they make a good fertilizer if so how is this done



Hello Dermody?
Comfrey is a very old and much loved plant by all gardeners,
Ive got the plant growing down the sides of a very shaded slope in our gite and im pleased to say the comfrey seeds i sowed last spring on whats to be my allotment have taken and this means i'll have one of the very best fertilizers "home made" any gardener can have,

The other very good use for comfrey is on the compost heap it helps the composting no end.

To make comfrey liquid fertilizer,
you'll need the following,
1x45 gal drum cleaned and to do this light a "SAFE" fire in it to burn away what ever it was used for,

Most garages that do servicing of cars will be glad for you to take one away.

Remove the complete top of the drum.(angle grinder is a good tool for this job)

Fill the drum with water, (if you've the time to spare "rain water" if not tap water cold)

1 x sack or an onion net (again you can buy small netts of cooking onions from the supermarket & the red net sacks are perfect.

1 X House brick or anything to weight down the sack/net.

Fill the sack/net with as much fresh comfrey leaves as you can get into the sack/net, having placed the weight in first,
tie the opening to your filled sack/net and let it sink to the bottom of the tub,

I made a cover by using an old cycle wheel and chicken wire, ie remove spokes fix wire to wheel rim so the complete area was covered and then split a bit of hose pipe to fit around the rim edge,

This stops birds drowing in the tub, and helps the air get to your comfrey mix,

Leave the mix for about 6 weeks, give the odd stir, "it will smell like hell, so think of neighbours when siting the tub",
and then after its settled down and the smells not so strong it's ready for use,
the ratio of mix and water is 9 parts water and 1 part comfrey mix.

You'll be very please for a long time to come you've learnt about this liquid fertilizer and the use of comfrey.

21 Jun, 2013


I too make my own comfrey liquid feed and it is wonderful stuff.I always wear gloves when picking it as it can irritate the skin.Good luck.

21 Jun, 2013


If you only have a few plants you can of course make it in a bucket. (And I found out this year (thanks to a question from Hank) that if you put a bit of crushed leaf between your toes it cures athletes foot!)

21 Jun, 2013


Comfrey and nettles make a fertilizer,i think it was last weeks gardeners world (14th) monty does show the easiest way to do this.

22 Jun, 2013

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