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Why are my roses tall and scraggly?

I am looking at the pictures of everyone else's roses and many are like little shrubs with many blooms. My roses are just tall and scraggly with hardly any foliage and so ugly in comparison. Actually I rent so- though I am lucky to have almost free reign- I have been told I cannot replace the roses. How can I make them so they are not just one long, lone, scraggly stem?



in march they need a good prune. then they will grow stronger and less straggly.

31 Jan, 2010


Ok I will do that, thanks.

31 Jan, 2010


rose bushes I cut down to about four buds from the crown ,they make plenty of groth and inprove the size of the roses ,normaly the back end ,but march is not to late, and I do it every year .

31 Jan, 2010


Possibly need feeding too:-)

1 Feb, 2010


when you prune, remember to take out any dead wood and always cut back to an outward facing bud - best done end Feb/early March. If you want to feed, use a specialist rose food like Toprose or similar, first done in March/April, depending on weather.

1 Feb, 2010


We have already pruned our roses, and they have survived frost and snow.
And i daresay they will have plenty of blooms come April onwards.
When we have pruned our Roses at this time of year before , we havent killed none of yet and we have got 15 roses in our garden , be climbers , standard and shrub, and i looked at them this afternoon , and they all look perfect considering i let my husband loose on pruning them

6 Feb, 2010

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