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By Mouldy

Lanarkshire, Scotland Sco

Does anyone know what this wee creature sitting on my petunia is?
Note the viscious-looking probscis!




Looks like a vine weevil to me...

21 Jun, 2013


MG you scaremonger! Too long in the leg. It's a bug, sap sucking type, probably one that hasn't got a common name. I've tried to look it up. I've got a great book called Complete British Insects (it follows on from Incomplete British Insects!), which shows lots of bugs, but the foreshortened view prevents me from tying it down to a specific one.

21 Jun, 2013


Oops - I siad it 'looked like' and I freely admit I'm not hugely knowledgeable on bugs!

21 Jun, 2013


It does have the wrong sort of beak for one of the predatory types, though.

21 Jun, 2013


Some sort of gnat.

22 Jun, 2013


Good golly, the gnats grow big in the UK, Kildermorie!! : )

22 Jun, 2013


Looks like a Datura flower, so the Gnat is not that big, thank goodness!

22 Jun, 2013


Hmm...I was pretty sure that it is a Petunia, like Mouldy says.

23 Jun, 2013


The proboscis was blade shaped, looked like it would have no trouble piercing flesh & the wee beastie was approx half an inch or one & a half cms long...not including the legs.
To put it into perspective - the petunia it's sat on is four inches wide.
Now you understand why I said the proboscis is viscious-looking!
Should I run for the hills? ;-)

23 Jun, 2013


The assassin bug has a similarly shaped body, but has a thinner, jointed proboscis for drilling between the chitin plates of its normal prey--other bugs! The vegetarian species normally have stouter probosces, for drilling into tough stems or fruit rinds.

25 Jun, 2013


So, which one was that, I wonder, Tugbrethil?
Unfortunately, my phone camera is too naff to provide enough detail. Lol.

5 Jul, 2013

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