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Replacing a tree

As I said earlier, I cut down and dug out the dead 12 ft Roan tree. The 10 inch trunk was a b----r ! Then I dug large holes for the 4 replacements and put them in.
I'd dug out a little less than a ton of soil which was full of stones and roots etc, then sieved the lot, taking the rubbish to the tip, leaving me with a heap of fine soil.
The question is - should I mix it with compost or manure or add blood, fish and bone or what ?
Presumably there won't be much "goodness" in it as it stands ?



A good handful of bf&b mixed well with the backfill will be all that is necessary. Garden soil, even if it's had stuff growing in it, is still loads better than any compost, because of the micro-organisms in it. It's the proper stuff. And LOADS OF WATER!

22 Jun, 2013


You could add composted materials, either your own or composted animal manure or similar from the garden centre, that'd be a good thing to do. Do you know why the Rowan died, what was wrong with it?Wasn't fireblight, was it?

22 Jun, 2013


You could mix some compost and a shake of slow release fertiliser if you think it needs it, I usually do on my clay soil.....
And as Worthy says water......and don't forget all summer..... :0)

22 Jun, 2013


It seemed to exist happily for 35 years, always having loads of berries on ti - then earlier this year I noticed the leaves on it were dead, unlike others and when I cut into a branch there was no life at all. I've put a photo of it, taken some 3 wks ago in the "questions" file with your name on it.

22 Jun, 2013


What are you planting in its place? (Haven't looked at pic yet, will do so shortly)

23 Jun, 2013

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