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Sick flowering cherry? (see my question 17 June, photos (hopefully!) now added. This double-flowering cherry is willy-nilly a central feature of my garden (my predecessor planted it perhaps 10 years ago from, apparently, a neighbour's seedling/cutting). I don't know its name. It flowers beautifully (less well this year because of awful weather) and grows apace. This year just after flowering selected leaves have gone brown, lower ones first then spreading up the tree (though there is still new growth on the top branches). I can't see any beasties. The tree has some lichen but this is normal here. Any ideas what this is and what if anything I can do? Thanks! (PS: the 3rd pic. is just to show some idea of size of tree)

Dsc01323 Dsc01324 Dsc01326



No weeping on the trunk or branches that wouldindicate bacterial canker?
And is all well with the roots...

23 Jun, 2013


Look for other signs around the tree. Possibly exudation of resinous gum from trunk or branches? Cut off the dead stems and look at the cur surface of the stem. Is it brown or stained brown rather than a healthy pale even colour?

23 Jun, 2013

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