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How can i get rid of slugs on my lawn without damaging the grass? Wen i put new grass seed to cover bad patches i seem to get loads of slugs? Is this bad for the grass and roots?



Put on a pair of rubber gloves and pick them off. I'm somewhat perplexed by your question, because unless the grass is long and wet, slugs don't hang around on lawns. They may be seen there perhaps early in the day, but any self respecting slug knows not to hang around in plain sight in such a spot, for they risk being eaten by birds.
It may be that your newly seeded patches are wetter because you've kept the seedbed moist, so a light application of slug pellets on and around those areas should stop the problem.

23 Jun, 2013


Yes, I agree with Bamboo, I had the same problem, but luckily the slugs were quite close to the wall, I intended to use slug pellets but scattered them with salt and got rid of them that way, but the salt did make the grass go a bit brown, but it soon recovered, I wouldn't recommend salt though if your slugs are scattered over most of your lawn. Pellets are the way to go.

23 Jun, 2013


Thanks for the advice. Slug pellets it will be. I find it very strange from your answer Bamboo that the slugs do congregate round the new blades of grass. I really am fed up of taking them off. Could they possibly eat the seeds??

24 Jun, 2013


As I said, its much more likely to be that its damp there, although for all I know, they may well absolutely love newly sprouted grass blades, might be their equivalent of a gourmet meal. It's just I've seeded loads of grass in my years as a gardener, and never had this problem.

24 Jun, 2013


i concur, i think slugs like the new grass blades as they are just emerging but i think your seeds are safe, so if you have just seeded an area sprinkle some pellets around the perimeter. You could also cover the area at night (slugs are night-feeders) with an up-turned bucket or washing-up bowl and something heavy on top like a brick to keep it tight to the ground, come morning, just remove. Once the new grass has established, i think you are 'out of the woods' so to speak - slugs, as far as i am aware, do not feed on mature grass

16 Aug, 2016

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