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A monster has appeared in our garden. But what is it? It came via a friend and was grown from seed collected by Chris Chadwell. It MAY have a label with the number on it but if so, said label is currently invisible under the undergrowth. At first, it was suspected to be the dreaded giant hogweed, Heracleum mantegazzianum, in which case it would have to be dug out and disposed of without more ado. However, looking at photos of the leaves of actual giant hogweed, the leaves on our plant are very different - much less divided and not 'feathery'. Any ideas?

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Angelica archangelica?

23 Jun, 2013


I think it's angelica, yes

23 Jun, 2013


Thank you! And yes, I now favour the idea that it's angelica. Angelica ursina? Funny thing is that it's been growing here for years but has never before made such astounding growth, or flowered at all. Something about the cold, windy weather conditions this spring, which meant a very late start to the season, seems, bizarrely, to have encouraged particularly vigorous growth in some plants. I mean, echium pinnata 8 ft tall and in full flower by the middle of June? In Cumbria?! And cardiocrinum wasn't expected to flower at all this year but is already 6ft tall and putting out a huge bud. (Not, of course, that I'm complaining!)

24 Jun, 2013

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