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I've just been reading some old blogs and seen that non members can't respond to answers to their questions. How can we tell that a question comes from a non member?
If you click on their avatar it says "'s date" so I thought they all had joined and wondered why we never heard from them again. I've PM's a couple of what I thought were new members in the past and wondered why I didn't hear from them. It isn't clear from the home page.



I think that was when there were guest questions, if I remember correctly they could ask a question without joining and could not reply. It did not last that long.

23 Jun, 2013


Several years back now the 'boys' set up a 'Guest' category whereby someone could ask a question without joining GoY. The problem was that most of their questions needed amplifying and they couldn't reply. Many of us used the option to not see 'Guest' questions because of this. Eventually the boys decided it wasn't a good idea after all and 'Guests' disappeared.

24 Jun, 2013


Thank you folks - that clears that one up then. So the people who didn't reply to me simply didn't want to know me, and who can blame them.
I don't mind too much if people don't write "about me" Snoop, but I do wish they would say where they live

24 Jun, 2013


I agree, Steragram. The soil and weather conditions are very relevant to gardening and vary so much across the country/ies. Knowing the area a poster is gardening in puts their posts into context.

25 Jun, 2013


Perhaps the boys could make it mandatory, like the forms you fill in where there's a little red star by lines you have to fill in before you can submit?

25 Jun, 2013


Doubtful as they want people to keep joining and so make it as easy as possible to do so... so that companies will keep advertising on the site.

26 Jun, 2013


Ah.Makes sense. But filling in your county isn't that off putting!

29 Jun, 2013

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