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shed roof & floor... OSB vs. tongue & groove


By Peaches

United Kingdom Gb

I need to buy a shed this week before prices go up. Which would be better:

8 x 6 11mm shiplap with OSB roof & floor
8 x 6 12mm shiplap with T&G roof and floor

Any advice much appreciated as I've never had a shed with OSB before.



the sturdier one realy 12mm sounds better than 11mm but without seeing them its hard to choose. trouble is a lot of these items are built cheep and nasty on purpous . its a pitty you cant build your own. have you got any neighbers with sheds you can ask maybe ?

1 Feb, 2010


If you put it on a concrete base and treat it as recommended it should last for years. I would shop around though there are variations in prices.

1 Feb, 2010


and quality and definatly know wood next to earth.i know you want one soon but your better looking round as drc sais . i remember my st burnard quite litteraly walked through a cheep fence also weight for some more answers theres bound to be someone on here who can recomend a shed retailer thats worth ordering from.

1 Feb, 2010


We have a couple of places selling sheds near us and the sheds are all erected so you can really see what you are paying for.

1 Feb, 2010


me to at our garden centre drc thats what id do.

1 Feb, 2010


Sorry, I wasn't clear: I actually wanted to know if you had any views on the roof & floor material - tongue & groove vs. OSB (Oriented Strand Board, all one sheet)

And this isn't a rush purchase, just a last-minute dither between the two front-runners... I've been shopping around since November, I don't think I can face looking at any more sheds!

2 Feb, 2010


id go for the osb as it has know gaps .

2 Feb, 2010


its just going to be stronger

2 Feb, 2010

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