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By Slimdil

Northumberland, United Kingdom Gb

2 Identifications please. The first (with blue flower) is quite tall - about 3 - 4 ft. I've probably planted it myself but the label has gone awol.
The second one (long grass) is quite attractive but became quite invasive last year. I thought I'd cleared it all but obviously not! I'd be happy to leave it if it wouldn't spread so much.
Thanks a lot.

Garden_25th_june_2013_003 Garden_25th_june_2013_005



first one a member of the borage family, and second one looks like pendulums sedge i may be corrected on both but i think i might be close with both.

25 Jun, 2013


first one is alkanet, a native wild flower related to borage. can be invasive.
second looks like one of the carex genus but may be wrong.

25 Jun, 2013


Spot on! Just looked them both up on the net and yes, the first one is Alkanet (Borage) and the second one is Pendulous Sedge. Thank you so much for that.

25 Jun, 2013


Carex pendula is the bottom one...a complete garden thug

25 Jun, 2013


Carex pendula, Never been allowed to set seed in this garden, but still we get plants coming up every year. Get rid as soon as possible.

25 Jun, 2013


your welcome! my spelling abit wrong though!

25 Jun, 2013


Thanks again to everyone. Yes, I think I'll get rid of the Carex Pendula - which seems a shame as it really is quite attractive.

26 Jun, 2013

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