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Ants..lots of them !
With the recent warm weather,they were on our kitchen floor this morning.I can't remember seeing the best way to get rid of them,or a deterrent at least..I think someone suggested boiling water,in between the paving outside..which is where we see them coming from..? advice please..As an emergency measure I have sprayed round the door and units,with a spray I bought for use on your skin,when abroad least it smells ok..:o)..I have moved two pots away from either side of the door,as they seem rife this year,in all the containers......



Same here Blioomer we haven't got them inside though thank goodness but everywhere I dig outside there seems to be nests never seen so many !!!!!!!!,excavated umder a few favourite plants too :-(,I'll be watching for any advice in case they head inside here too !!!!!!!

27 Jun, 2013


You can buy a white 'ant powder' to puff at them and kill them, it works, and would be quite clean to use indoors. This is in hope it is still available as I have had mine some years.

27 Jun, 2013


only ants no uncles

27 Jun, 2013


I haven't come across any nests,Simbad..mainly running around the tops of pots,and paving outside the door.but they are not going to invade my indoor space,if I can help it...It has cooled down this afternoon,with heavy rain,so I think they have gone to find shelter..not seen anymore since this morning :o)
They have been advertising things on offer at Aldi this week,for ant related products.. so will take a look..How did they know I was going to need something ?? Lol.
I remember having some of that years ago too,Lizziebee..maybe that is what Aldi are selling? thanks for the info..:o)
Maybe there are Uncles as well,Eamonn,but too tiny for me to distinguish the difference! is too short to even contemplate :o)

27 Jun, 2013


If you know where they are coming in try sprinkling boracic acid crystals there, if you can still get them. This stopped them getting into my jam cupboard.

27 Jun, 2013


We haven't managed to trace the source yet, could either be the front door,or where the outlet pipe for my washer is..they seemed to be mainly around the floor area there..and two cheeky so and so's had made it on to a worktop..trouble is,we can only see them against the light colour of the kitchen floor,so they could be anywhere..Thank goodness my OH has good eyesight,as I can't see them at all,except at close quarters..i.e a worktop ..only one this morning ,so the body spray or the rain has helped..we will remain vigilant :o)

28 Jun, 2013


at about the same date (last week in June) a procession of them started streaming in my "garden" door... I'd read somewhere that the smell of mint leaves deterred them so as an emergency measure I strewed some about in the doorway - hey presto, ants disappeared! But I wouldn't dare to claim it was cause and effect - ants are capricious creatures... However, worth trying perhaps, if you have mint in the garden?

PS: don't know if this is true either, but one of my neighbours here claims that if you squash one or two or so, in dying they release something which prompts more of the gang to come rushing up to help their chum so thereby you're actually worsening the problem...


3 Jul, 2013


I don't have mint in the garden,Mj..but might be worth a try,to buy a small plant for a pot..and the thought of Ants trying to give the kiss of life,made me smile :o)..wonder if they were carrying a stretcher? they are good at carrying other things.!.Sorry,I have a very vivid and strange imagination ..Lol.

3 Jul, 2013

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