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By Andrewr

Berkshire, England Eng

I'm after varieties of large, single-flowered tulips, that are reliably perennial (that is, they don't just flower for one spring and then just throw up a few weak leaves in the following years). They will be growing in a heavy clay soil.
What varieties can you fellow GOYers recommend please?

On plant Tulip



appledorn [red and yellow forms] they come up year after year in my garden. but 'an in your face red' and they flower april/may so late additions and quite tall.

28 Jun, 2013


Most of the other Darwin Hybrids will probably also work, but you may have to experiment some. Planting deep also helps, but in clay soil, that's relative--10 cm down to the shoulder is considered "deep" in clay soil.

29 Jun, 2013


I have had returning Golden Apeldoorn for many years. I find the species tulips more reliable returners.

6 Nov, 2013


Thanks SG. I have already planted both your suggestions

7 Nov, 2013

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