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Help I planted some vegetable seeds and now I cant remember what it is but the plants are growing fantastic.I am sending a photo but the sunshine makes them look bright yellow they are really lettuce green can you tell me what it is ? please




Did you plant swedes or turnips?

28 Jun, 2013


I thought I was planting some sort of lettuce like plant and never thought it could be Swedes or turnip so thanks for the idea

28 Jun, 2013


Better just wait and see. They don't look like lettuce to me but its not all that easy to tell from the photo. I hope I'm wrong in that case.

28 Jun, 2013


They look very much like the spinach I'm growing - which I'm now told is not proper spinach ! If they are same as mine we're eatng them in salads as they taste similar to lettuce.

28 Jun, 2013


I was thinking that they looked very much like some kind of mustard green, aka mustard spinach. Did the seedlings have heart-shaped seed leaves, like most Brassicas?

28 Jun, 2013


thank you every one I have tasted one of the leaves and they are a mustardy flavour so I think it they are maybe a mustard spinach.
So an interesting salad tonight !!!!

29 Jun, 2013

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