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By Imogen

Coventry, United Kingdom Gb

Please can someone tell me what this is? It is low growing with a root system similar to dandelion, very prolific.

Thank you. Would Coltfoot be the same size as this leaf? I have now placed it next to a mobile phone to give an indiCation of its size




It looks like coltsfoot which is a native plant/wildflower. You can dig it out or if you prefer spray it with a weedkiller containing glyphosphate, like round up.

29 Jun, 2013


There was a similar question yesterday from Webstermom, but this is a much better picture of the leaf - you can see the toothed edges on this one. It's an old and effective remedy for coughs - do you remember a medicine called Antussin? and Coltsfoot Pine and Hone Balsam? Both made from an extract of coltsfoot and very effective. I love it as it flowers so early in Spring, long before the leaves appear.

29 Jun, 2013


yes this is about the right size for coltsfoot. flowers before the leaves appear. weed if you don't want it.

30 Jun, 2013

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