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Iv got lovely acer in my garden but the leaves have gone yellow to soon as though it thinks its autum is it problem or is there a problem with it




Hi Paul and welcome to GoY. Are you keeping the acer well watered and what is the soil like under the gravel?

30 Jun, 2013


Looks like the Coral bark maple, acer palmatum Sango-Kaku', or 'Senkaki'. The leaves of that are pale, naturally, a sort of yellow-green. I just get the hint of a reddish stem below those leaves. Is that right? However, looks a little stressed to me, as MG says, and you may have to look to its care. It's in an awful spot, as natural water can't get to its roots. It doesn't need to be flooded, but a good watering and a feed won't do it any harm.

30 Jun, 2013


Still looks beautiful though :)

30 Jun, 2013

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