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Hi Can anyone help identify what this plant is?


By Segovia

Merseyside, United Kingdom Gb


Can anyone help identify what this plant is?

It was planted last year in September so this is the first I have seen it in flower.

Should I have supported it ?

There seems to be new green growth from the centre , can I cut it back ?

Img_2068 Img_2067 Img_2065



Looks like a Mexican sunflower (Tithonia rotundifolia).

30 Jun, 2013


My initial thought was a Geum

30 Jun, 2013


I agree Andy, it looks like my Geum.

30 Jun, 2013


I'd say geum too

30 Jun, 2013


I would even go as far as to say Geum Fireball.

30 Jun, 2013


Let it flower. That's the natural habit. Untidy but magnificent. Tidy it up when it's done

30 Jun, 2013


Not a lover of geums but the colour and habbit of that is lovely

30 Jun, 2013



Thanks, yes I would say Geum, it suddenly exploded a few weeks ago form nowhere. I'll leave it another week and cut it back. Thanks again

30 Jun, 2013


I love Geums . Yes they sway and flop and are ''informal''.
But that's their beauty. Perhaps moving them to a different part of your garden would be better- Dare I say ''Right plant - wrong planting area '' Lovely display though

1 Jul, 2013


Thanks, do you know when is the right time to move them?


2 Jul, 2013

How do I say thanks?

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