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Is it best to put new plants in a pot before planting for weeks?



Hi Delphinia and welcome to GoY. Are you asking if you should put new plants into pots and then into the ground? Depends on the plant, its size and whether you are able to plant immediately into the ground.

30 Jun, 2013


What plants,how big and have you bought them or raised them?

30 Jun, 2013



30 Jun, 2013


my trial and error has proven there's a much better success rate to grow them on until there's a big healthy root system coming out the bottom of the pot-even if the supplier says they are ''garden ready''. I bought 24 ''garden ready'' Geums Autumn 2012 . Put 12 straight in the garden with less than 50% success rate this year and grew on the other 12 in pots and put them in the garden this April. ( I lost one ) Patience is a virtue and has paid off every time I've done this

1 Jul, 2013


Gateshead depends on the plants and where they have come from...

1 Jul, 2013

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