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I've found 2 items in my garage that I need help with, one easy ( for you guys, one could be difficult.
1 unopened litre ( from 2010) of Arthur Bower's Ericacious plant food.It tells me how to use itamd I've seen a list of folwers it can be used on of which I only have a pieris. Can I use it over flowers generally or shall I give it away ?
A 5 litre red plastic can (2010) with label partly missing. It says on it " to base of plant, -irst truss of toms has set - avoiding foliage -feed every-use 4.5"
Question is -how much should I dilute it ?
Or should I discard it ? Photo enclosed




The Ericaceous plant food can only be used on acid loving plants so use it on your Pieris but not on other plants and shrubs.

Tomato food, feed once a week once the first truss of fruits have set about 20ml in a 2 gallon watering can, Bulba uses a small medicine bottle 'cup' and puts two of them into the can after filling with water and gives a stir to.

30 Jun, 2013


The Tomorite is high in Potash so you can actually use it on anything you want to flower better.

30 Jun, 2013


Thanks. The main thing was is it ok after all this time, and the ratio of the mix with water which I now understand.

30 Jun, 2013


Yes Hank forgot to say you can feed all your flowering bulbs half strength tomato food once they have flowered until the leaves die back, again once a week. but with the tomatoes wait until they have their first truss of fruits.

30 Jun, 2013


Really pleased I asked, I was going to guess the ratio of tomato food to water as about 1-6, which would have been miles out.

30 Jun, 2013


20 mls in 2 litres ? Should last for ages ! Nive.

1 Jul, 2013


Yes it does, unless you are feeding lots of bulbs grown in pots :-)

1 Jul, 2013

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