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I seem to have acquired a Rosa glauca as I know I haven't bought one. It is in a light shaded part of the garden and is now in flower.
any one else have it and any advice on getting the best from it. I gather it has good hips :o)



One of my favourites. That flower/foliage contrast is beautiful. I've got one in a black tub, and I've planted Salvia 'Curling waves' and S. 'Blue Note' underneath it. Very pleased with the result. Tough species rose, R. glauca (rosa rubrifolia), native to mountainous areas of Europe. Careful how you water it - the petals knock off easily.

1 Jul, 2013


Its in a bed so I'm unlikely to pander to its whims. Must be a present from a bird. do you prune it at all or just when it gets overly unruly. I'm tempted to loosley tie it in to the fence so that the plants underneath get some light. I noticed that it also goes under the name of rubrifolia. I do wish they wouldnt doubl name them it's so inconsiderate and wrong.

Hope the plant sales have picked up now Worthy, what with a bit of warm weather.

1 Jul, 2013

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