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By Harry12

Dorset, United Kingdom Gb

I have been given a moveable tree stump that is covered in well established cacti. I would love to create my own cacti covered tree stump, could anyone tell me how to start please?



I'm wondering whether its cacti you have or air plants? I've never heard of cacti growing on tree stumps - have you a photo please?

1 Jul, 2013


when i read this I thought it was a joke? A MOVEABLE tree stump and CACTI on it ?????presuming this is a serious message, do you mean an old dead tree stump? try googling cacti that grow outside in Britain?You could grow ivy all over it?

3 Jul, 2013


Yes I mean an old dead tree stump. I have very gently removed some of the cacti leaves dipped them in rooting powder and put them in a warm place. I then plan to cut out 1 inch square bits of netting and glue them on three sides to the stump allowing a space to push in some cactus loving soil. When my cactus leaves root I'll place them round the stump under the net and then in 20 years , long after i'm dead and gone, there may be a beautiful tree stump like the one i've been given.

3 Jul, 2013


well, I do wish you good luck with this Harry, but will they withstand our freezing cold Winters? Could you move them indoors in Winter, say to a greenhouse or conservatory? If it works, post a photo on here in the future?

9 Jul, 2013

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