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By Mark61

South Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

good morning all
i have 3 questions

1 i bought a rhubard plant it was about a foot tall so i put it in large planter which i thought was ok at the time,i water and feed it well is it to late to move it ?

2 my bluebells have passed away can i cut them back now ?

3 plant I D

thank for any help you can give me Mark :)

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1. That rhubarb looks happy enough where it is, but if you are desperate to move it go ahead ... it may stunt its growth a bit but it looks robust enough to cope. Otherwise wait until January when it will be ready to come out of its winter dormant stage and thrive in a well prepared spot.
2. Those bluebell leaves are still quite green and busy feeding up the bulbs below ground ready for next year's show. I wouldn't tidy them up until the leaves have turned brown.
3.That is Oxalis Tetraphylla. It likes a sunny, well drained spot and will produce a mass of reddish pink flowers in spring and summer.

1 Jul, 2013


hi Xela thank you so much i will cut off the rhubarb for what i need and move next January

i will leave the bluebells thank you

Oxalis thank you for the I D lucky me i planted them in the right place :))

thank you very much for your help mark :))

1 Jul, 2013


You're very welcome.
Athough your rhubarb looks yummy you may want to wait until next year for your first harvest. In its first year it is establishing itself and will give a better crop the following year if left alone. When you do harvest it, just pull the stems away from the crown, less likely to leave the plant prone to disease.

1 Jul, 2013


oxalis is the plant ,i love it mine have lovely pink flowers,it spreads

1 Jul, 2013


I was just going to say what Xela said - don't harvest the first year, and pull don't cut! If it were mine I wouldn't move it until its dormant. Give it lots of rotted manure when its planted, and more every year in early spring. they are gross feeders.

1 Jul, 2013

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