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Spots on leaves of my rose. This is my lovely new Red Eden rose, until now, the healthy shiny leaves have been a feature of the plant. Today I notice what looked at first glance like white spots, on closer inspection it looks like insect damage. I can't find what's causing it,any help appreciated. I don't spray. Underneath one leaf I did see 1 very minute green caterpillar type creature, but not on any others and I looked very hard. All I can think is that there were possibly more grubs which have been eaten by birds or this is not the cause. Any answers please?:-) One pic showing reverse leaves.

New_pics_1945 New_pics_1949 New_pics_1948



Is it a bit like rain scald Ba? sushine on water droplets, it looks a bit transparent

1 Jul, 2013


I think it's a leaf mining grub of sorts, eating between the upper and lower surfaces of the leaf. I'm no good on specific mining creatures, but I suggest trying that for a start.

1 Jul, 2013


spray them and take off the worst affected leaves.

3 Jul, 2013

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