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Did any one buy Taylor's Iris Black Dragon this year?
if you did was it as displayed on the packaging. Mine didn't and Mr Walkers of the company isn't accepting this. he says he has assurance from his supplier that the iris was true to type. I had sent him pictures too. He was rather chuffed that the iris was flowering in its first year!

I posted its picture asking for an id about 2 weeks ago as I do like to know what I am growing.

I wont be buying from them again.




And you're right, it's not 'Black Dragon', is it?! As mythical beasts go, it's perfect, a myth! Perhaps it's 'Blue Griffon', or 'Mauve Hydra'?

2 Jul, 2013


lilac chimera as far as I'm concerned. its pretty enough but just not what I was expecting. no recompense from the company. the garden centre saiys its up to taylors etc etc.

2 Jul, 2013


Or 'Purple Phoenix'!

2 Jul, 2013


violet minotaur ?

2 Jul, 2013


'mauve Smaug'?

2 Jul, 2013


'Blue Behemoth'?

This iris a goddess, by what title she goes,
An enigma of nature, that nobody knows.
The standards of purple, and light blue the falls,
But the name a complete mystery that nobody calls

2 Jul, 2013


and of course Iris was the goddess of the rainbow in mythology.
love the poem Worthy. as long as its not a kraken I wont care.

2 Jul, 2013

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