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Pond Insect larvae


By Buzzbee

United Kingdom Gb

We don't have a pond but left a container with rain water out and now it has some larvae. Does anyone know what they might be? They are fairly see-through, have a long thin tail and what look like tentacles almost coming out at the front - they are maybe about a centimetre long and wriggle about just under the surface of the water - they seem to be quite sociable with each other. They're not mosquito larvae as we know what they look like. The container is about 1 foot by 2 foot- and was just rain water - no plants. The rim is also about a foot high, which suggest it is almost certainly the larvae of a flying insect.



Hi Buzzbee think they are May flies - have a look at recent pics on my homepage.Have you seen any of Springwatch? these the insects warblers feeding to their young.

8 Jun, 2008


On for one more week do try and catch been great.

8 Jun, 2008

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