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Good Morning Folks!--Back in May I asked for help re my non-flowering "Honeysuckle" --now in it;s third year but still no flowers, but plenty growth. I was very grateful for all your replies, including many who did not believe it to be a Honeysuckle at all--perhaps a Jasmine? I have managed to lose original question and pics --me being useless at matters I.T.! Howvever and this may surprise Cammomile, Derekm,Tuesdaybear and confirm the thoughts of Terrstoonie(who did think it to be Honeysuckle)--I was believing the others, but if the pics show on here --you can see what do appear to be flowers coming on!!--It has went somewhat rampant but if it really does flower, I'll be over the moon and spare it the chop!!--I believe it actually could be Lonicera Henryii ??--which would have a red flower, although not yet showing colour
So many thanks again to you all and I'll keep you updated --if flowers do open!!

By the way is Dawnsaunt still out their in the gardening cyberspace?!

Take care -Ian H

23.3.13overgrowing_honeysuckle_henryii Could_this_be_flowers_appearing_on_honeysuckle_henryii Sun_23rd_june_009



That's just the same as mine that is now in flower after four years I was beginning too give up hope looks like its our lucky year :)

4 Jul, 2013


Hi Ian fantastic you do have a flower emerging.

4 Jul, 2013


see patience is a virtue and there are flowers too. look forward to seeing them in full bloom.
dawnsaunt is still on regularly too

4 Jul, 2013


Looking very healthy. Please post a pic when its in flower.

4 Jul, 2013


Hi Ian, I remember the question, and I remember thinking it might be a jasmine, I stand corrected, that is definitely a lonicera, and about to flower, Derek

4 Jul, 2013


L. henryi's yellow flowered, stained a bit red.

4 Jul, 2013


Thanks to each and everyone of you who responded to my question about my "Reluctant Honeysuckle"--looks like I may even beat Treefern by one year in reaching flowering!--thanks also to Worthy1 for pointing out it's Yellow/red --or I'd be thinking I've got it wrong again!. Derekm--thanks for making me think I'd got it wrong and researching a bit more--you spurred me on!
Skotcat, Cammomile and Seaburngirl--Thanks to you for your comments and as soon as it flowers--I'll post the pics!

If they fail to open, I'll tie a noose round the arch!!

Take care all and Thanks--Ian H

4 Jul, 2013

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