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I have a climbing honeysuckle plant growing nicely its all green from the middle up to the top just staring to flower but the lower half has yellow leaves and the main part of the plant is a bit bare of any new growth



you can cut it almost to the ground and get new growth all the way up. if that is what you are asking. :o)

4 Jul, 2013


Mines the same, in flower at the top,the bit that's in the sun,but doesn't look much half way up.When would you prune it then Seaburn AFTER flowering or now?I know there are lots of varieties so I was wondering if mine was one that only flowers on new growth....or will it only flower in the sun?

4 Jul, 2013


yes, one of my honeysuckles is just the same [but different kinds are doing well.]

4 Jul, 2013


I usually hack mine down after flowering and I don't know which species/varieties I have. They then put on new growth in the late summer and early autumn. They often repeat flower as a result.

4 Jul, 2013

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