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hi there i have been planting veg this spring like purple broccli sweedes ect they seem to have run to seed but on the card it say harvest late winter early spring what do i do ,do i pull them up or leave them till winter i haven't got a clue its the first year i'v really tryed growing my own i brought the plants from garden centers andplaces like homebase so they needed to be planted at the time i got them can somebody help



The broccoli is supposed to - you eat the flower buds. You must have the summer one. The winter one doesn't start having buds until about March.Its not too late to plant that now. The swedes and other root crops won't grow any more once they have flowered so you might as well use what there is. Its the weather.
You can eat the broccoli leaves like kale if you want to - just take the newer ones as the old ones get a bit tough.
If you have lettuce take the flower stems out to delay things and eat the leaves there are. Sorry if this is bad news - don't give up, there's always next year (gardeners mantra).

5 Jul, 2013

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