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Can I safely use insecticide on Blackcurrant?


By Imogen

Coventry, United Kingdom Gb

Can anyone give me their opinion on safely using a systemic insectacide on my blackcurrant bush?

On plant Ribes nigrum (Blackcurrant)



We never use insecticides on any of our fruit bushes. We prefer to eat uncontaminated food. What is the reason why you are considering spraying?

9 Sep, 2007


Plant garlic round your bushes, and I put a greaseband around the stem to stop pests climbing up. The only bush that had problems this year was sawfly on a gooseberry bush which came from a nursery so take care it's easy to import pests! I will wait till it's dormant and take off the old soil and plant the bush in fresh soil, as they overwinter in the soil.

11 Sep, 2007


Our black currant bushes have multiple stems, a bit hard to greaseband them. If it is Blister mite which is a problem (the leaves get covered in red pimples!) then spray the bushes in winter with one of the modern Winter Washes. They are based on natural plant products.

11 Sep, 2007

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