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By Hank

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Apple tree and lawn !

My apple seems to be "sprutting" all over. Should I cut these off as the tree is the right size for me ?

And my lawn is looking much better, but there are 2 or 3 dark, sparse patches. Should I simply chuck some grass seed on and hope for the best or is there more to it ? ?

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Worthy1 has answered my question perfectly about my apple tree in his reply to plachkiaka (a question a bit later than mine )
But I'd still like to know what to do to improve my lawn.

6 Jul, 2013


Check under the grass. Do those dark patches lift off easily? Any grubs? If not, then rake it out, lightly sow, and keep it damp. If it's not too hot, the grass should germinate quickly and the patches will repair.

7 Jul, 2013


Thanks very much buddy, i've already bought the grass seed so I'll get on with your suggestion asap.

7 Jul, 2013

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