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By Thecat

Lancashire, United Kingdom Gb

Hi all, bought a product called Uncle Toms rose tonic. Unfortunately it just says "use throughout the season". Has anyone used this? How often & for what period should it be used. Tried the web site but same info on there.


5 Jul, 2013


Have you tried using it on the rose, instead of drinking it?
Sorry, seriously, like any fertiliser/foliar feed application, it can be applied every three to four weeks from April to August/Sept. Allegedly has good results, and apparently makes the plants blackspot free and less likely to suffer from downy mildew. Like all things with plants, if grown healthy, they'll resist disease

6 Jul, 2013


Thanx Scrumpygraha(?) will give it a go.
Worthy1 does your id relate to the merit of your humour?
Anyway your advice makes sense & i'll take it on board.
Cheers (hic)!

7 Jul, 2013

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