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this grew in compost and at the time I thought it might be phalicia. it clearly isn't. I also thought E. maderense but its not that either. I know I know it but can I for the life of me think.
So please put me out of my misery. [my hands are quite small 6" long to give you an idea of scale]




It looks like a potentilla of sorts, and hopefully will send up a flower (probably yellow), which will help identify it. It may be silverweed, potentilla anserina, which doesn't always come silver where soil conditions are rich, instead producing the lush green that you've got. Be interesting to see a flower

6 Jul, 2013


its really hairy so I discounted silverweed. it is just getting bigger and bigger. Doesn't look like any of the other potentilla leaves that I have though. I hope it flowers soon.

6 Jul, 2013

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