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I am looking for a bit of advice. I wonder if anyone can suggest plants that are ideal for ground cover in a mixed border which is approx 2 metres deep. I have planted a mixture of grasses, shrubs and herbaceous perennial plants but I have big gaps to fill and I am looking for planys to fill the space whilst the others getr established.

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there are lots but many can become a nuisance over time. I've used Lysimachia mummularia,[creeping jenny] in a yellow bed. A range of Lamiums [dead nettles many variegated leaves with pink or white flowers or a rampant yellow one.] Vinca minor [periwinkle]. If shady then mitella is a good plant. Dianthus deltoids are a good carpeter.
I also use annuals for this purpose too, lobelia, alyssium, Limnanthes, Mesembryanthemums, annual phlox, nemmesia, diascia etc.

Hope this gives you some ideas. I'm sure others will suggest other things too.

5 Jul, 2013


Ajuga is another one, comes indifferent leaf colours and nice flower spikes
Do you have the low growing hardy geraniums? I find them easy to look after
Hardy annuals sown direct in the spring on bare patches is another option.

6 Jul, 2013


If you have a neutral to acid soil then how about Cornus Canadensis. A creeping herbaceous perennial forming a wide mat of oval leaves which turn red in autumn, about 4 to 6 inches in height. White flowers (bracts) in late spring and early summer, followed by red berries. Good in sun or shade.

7 Jul, 2013

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