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Bird of Paradise Plant

Surrey, United Kingdom Gb

My Bird of Paradise is not looking well at all.

The head has turned ugly, how do I behead her.

If I repot, what soil please. The leaves are curling into tubes, what could be wrong with this beauty.

Any advice would be appreciated.





follow the stem down as close as you can to the leaves and cut it off. bin it. Give the plant a good water and feed if it hasn't had one recently. If it has been indoors a lot take advantage of the warm weather to give the leaves a sponge down/shower and then place outside out of direct sunlight to dry off.
I've just done my aspidistera :o)

7 Jul, 2013


She looks dry

7 Jul, 2013


You have new leaf emerged so its fine i think,mine is pot bound compared to yours so i doubt it needs repotting(same pot),mine has been outside since may and i have lots of new leaves this month also i think my next flower stem is gettig ready :O)
I can upload pics of mine if you like,there may be some on my profile already.Ive not watered too much as they are used to being in a dry hot/ humid climate,they can take some neglect :O)

7 Jul, 2013


Apart from a water, it looks fine to me - copy what the above has said. The flowers only last a few weeks, then slowly turn greyish as the seed develops. They prefer being root bound as Joolz has said.

You picked the right variety for the UK - Reginae do not grow that tall. Nicolai grow like small shrubs, not unlike Musa and are too tall unless you have a 12-16 foot conservatory, though are slightly more frost tolerant if the soil is kept bone dry.

8 Jul, 2013

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