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I cant find the instructions for making Tufa ? Do you know where they are Terra ?

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Hallo. I have made a few things out of Tufa...I presume you mean hypertufa. The mixture I used was...3 parts portland cement, 2 parts peat and one part sand, mix them all together, then add water until it is like bread that when you form it into a ball it doesn´t fall apart.....I always had good results with that mixture...see my blogs for a few things that I have made. I hope that that has been of some help to you.

8 Jul, 2013


I was going to suggest peat, vermiculite, cement, in a 3:3:2 mix. Similar result, no doubt, and you have to overcome the ethic re the use of peat. There isn't a better substitute, unfortunately.

8 Jul, 2013

blog by Owdboggy ... 1st May 2012.

I hope this helps.

8 Jul, 2013

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