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Help!?! What's happening to my Santolina? :(

Somerset, United Kingdom Gb

Hi everyone!

My first post, though I have often ended up here having googled my gardening questions, and have found some great advice and info :)

But, now one of my Santolinas (Lavender Cotton) has taken a turn for the worst, and I'm wondering if anyone can give me any clues as to why, and what, if anything I might be able to do to save it...

I planted two last year - they came from two different sources, but I believe they are both 'Edward Bowles'. They flowered beautifully, survived the winter fine, and I pruned them back (not too hard) in the Spring. Since then, they have both been doing really well, but in the last couple of weeks, one of them has started to die off. It is/has been flowering, but it's turning browner by the day. The other one, which is planted about three feet away, is absolutely fine.

Can anyone help? Can he be saved?!


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Thats a shame. Generally disease free, these tend to be short lived plants, thriving in hot, sunny, moist but well drained areas. So possibly its been too dry? why not try lifting it and if the roots are ok cut all the brown dead bits out and replant in gritty compost stand its new pot in full sun but sheltered and dont let it dry out. - finger crossed.

12 Jul, 2013


Thank you! That's exactly what I've done!
I lifted it yesterday – thought I had nothing to lose! Its roots were dry rather than wet, but not completely dry, so I don't quite understand, but it's now in a pot with a little bit of food, getting some special attention :)

And I've taken some soft cuttings from the healthy one, just in case!

Fingers crossed indeed...I love my little santolinas!

Georgie x:)

12 Jul, 2013


Fingers crossed.

12 Jul, 2013

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