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Canna: tell you tell the colour of the flower from the leaf colour?
I was given 3 tubers and the leaves are all the same. At the same gc where the tubers were given away free, they had similar plants labelled as 'Flamenco'. I asked what colour they would be and the assistant said orange. they are always orange with this leaf pattern. Now being a bit sceptical I thought I'd ask you fellow GoYers.




It looks like Canna Durban, which has an orange flower. Durban is also sold as Phasion and Tropicanna!

8 Jul, 2013


Er, ahhm, umh: I would normally say that leaf colour is no indication of flower colour but, in specific cases, I suppose that if you know a particular plant you could predict it's flower colour from it's leaves.

8 Jul, 2013


Thats what I thought BA. so thanks Kildermorie for the name . So confusing.

thing is I remember asking them at the time which one it was. you'd have thought they would have known.

9 Jul, 2013


Most Canna have green leaves and the flowers can be yellow-orange-red and all the colours in between. I like Durban but prefer its close cousin Pretoria which has the same markings on the leaves but in yellow and green - tends to have a yellow flower.

9 Jul, 2013

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